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Concordance is a listing of keyword in context (KWIC). It also can define as a list or words used in a body of work, with their immediate contexts. So, a tool or a program that help to list words in context or analysis text called CONCORDANCER. This tool is designed for anyone who need to study text closely or analyze language in depth.


  • make indexes and word lists
  • count word frequencies
  • compare different usages of a word
  • analyse keywords
  • find phrases and idioms

This website is one of tool that use as a concordancer. I just need to type a word from any  corpus that been given, and the website will automatically searching the word from corpus that already been choose. For example I search for the word ‘lie’ in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy corpus and I found 24 instances of the word.

Beside that, below are the other website that could use as a concordancer:



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There are many definitions about ‘NETSPEAK‘ that we could found. These are the definition that I have found:

  1. The expressions, technical words, slang etc commonly used on the Internet. (Reference)
  2. The special language, abbreviations, and expressions used by people when communicating using the Internet. (Reference)
  3. The language and characteristic mode of speaking peculiar to the Internet and online communication, esp. acronyms and      shorthand used in posts and chat rooms. (Reference)
  4. Slang that Internet users have coined and promulgated. Such terms typically originated with the purpose of saving keystrokes, and many people use the same abbreviations in text messages. (Reference)

Well, as I revise of all the definitions that I found, I could conclude that  the word ‘NETSPEAK‘ is always related with Internet. Besides that, I am sure that ‘NETSPEAK‘ is the way to talk in the internet especially in chat room or by Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG).

In David Crystal’s Book; Language and the Internet, he was argue that the appearance of ‘NETSPEAK‘ should not be considered as a challenge or threat to standard usages. Instead, the Internet has created growth in the variety and creativity of language use. Crystal said that, the uses of ‘NETSPEAK’ have already begun to be used outside of the situation of computer-mediated communication, although the medium has become available to the most people on in the past decade. Then, David Crystal search the differences between speech and writing and consequently compares ‘NETSPEAK‘ with speaking and writing respectively and so he conclude that ‘NETSPEAK‘ is better seen as written language. He calls it a “third medium”, given that it is not simply a collective of spoken and written language.

In this book also, David Crystal discuss about the language uses in six different Internet situations which are;

  1. E-mail
  2. Chat groups
  3. Virtual world
  4. The web
  5. Blogging and
  6. Instant messaging (IM).

In other words, Crystal notes that ‘NETSPEAK‘ is complex and mixed-message scenario, and can only be understood by a detailed consideration of the individual Internet situations.Beside that, Crystal also said that ‘NETSPEAK’ is a development of millennial significance and a new medium of linguistic communication that doesn’t arrive very often in the history of the race.

Last but not least, David Crystal notes himself that Internet is in the nature of global phenomenon. In this book, he focuses on the English Language and the way that Internet is affecting the language uses.

Facebook VS Tagged

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For week 7, we need to find the similarities and differences between two social networks. For this task, I choose FACEBOOK and TAGGED. Both of it are the social network that use until now. This is my work:

Below is the cover of TAGGED before user sign in;

Meanwhile, this is the cover of FACEBOOK before user sign in.

Next, I will show you some different between this two social networking which are the different about the chat service that been provided.

For FACEBOOK, user could only chat with their friends. The chat conversation is easy and has only one room that is only for user’s friends.

For TAGGED, user could found specific chat rooms such as Age Rooms, Location Rooms, New Members, Tagged Lounge, Flirty Flirty and Virtual World. Here, user also could chat with anybody although the person is not user’s friends. User could make friend with another person from another country. I usually used TAGGED to find new friends especially from another country.

We could found another different between this two social networking site. Last but not least, I am more refer using FACEBOOK as my main social networking site because many of my friends using this site. That’s all for my first posting for week 7. Thank u.

Hello world!

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